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The Palace of Love

Author: Jack Vance
Year written: 1965
Author’s age at the time: 49
Year published: October 1966
Publication: Galaxy Magazine
Dutch title: Het Paleis van de Liefde
Series: The Demon Princes
Genre: novel, SF


There seem to be significant differences between the serialized version for Galaxy and the later book (I’m looking at the Spatterlight edition now). Most of the first two chapters of the book is missing from the magazine version. I’m guessing Vance added material to the book version, but that’s just a guess.

Also missing from the magazine version are the extensive epigraphs which I found so charming when I first started reading Jack Vance as a teenager. Foreverness writes that Frederik Pohl, who was at that time the editor of Galaxy, had removed them. And moreover, that this cutting disgusted Vance so much that he put off writing the concluding sequels of the Demon Princess series for a long time! (ref)


Gersen knocked at the door. There was no response. Gersen knocked again. The door was flung violently open; a sleepy unshaven man peered forth. His age was indeterminate; he was thin, spindle-shanked, with a twisted beak of a nose, rumpled hair of no particular color, eyes which though perfectly set gave the impression of looking in two directions at once. His manner was wild and truculent. “Is there no privacy left in the world? Off the boat, at once. Whenever I settle for a moment’s rest, some sheep-faced functionary, some importunate peddler of tracts insists on pounding me out of my couch. Will you not depart? Have I not made myself clear? I warn you, I have a trick or two up my sleeve …”

Republished as The Palace of Love and in the collection Demon Princes, both Spatterlight, 2012.

The serialized version on the Internet Archive: