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Where Hesperus Falls

Author: Jack Vance
Year written: 1955
Author’s age at the time: 39
Year published: October 1956
Publication: Fantastic Universe
Dutch title: Als Hesperus Valt
Genre: short story, SF


My name is Henry Revere. My appearance is not remarkable, my intelligence is hardly noteworthy, and my emotions run evenly. I live in a house of synthetic shell, decorated with wood and jade, and surrounded by a pleasant garden. The view to one side is the ocean, the other, a valley sprinkled with houses similar to my own. I am by no means a prisoner, although my servants supervise me with the most minute care. Their first concern is to prevent my suicide, just as mine is to achieve it.

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Republished in The World-Thinker and Other Stories, Spatterlight, 2012