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The Dark Ocean

Author: Jack Vance
Year written: 1966(?)
Author’s age at the time: 50
Year published: 1985
Publisher: Underwood-Miller
Genre: novel, mystery, thriller


Originally published in a limited edition. (ref)


Betty laughed self-consciously. “Just a little hair-pulling. Nothing serious.” In retrospect the fight seemed almost fun. There had been a wide-open sensation, a wildness and abandon, that she had never known before.

Betty went to the other side of the deck, sank into a chair, sat looking across the wind-whipped sea. Everything was gray: the sky, the sea, the ship. She thought of home, the cheerful green and white house under the oak trees; the familiar living room, the comfortable chairs, the book shelves, the fireplace. Fervently she wished she were there.

Republished by Spatterlight, The Dark Ocean, 2012