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Cugel the Clever

Author: Jack Vance
Year written: 1963
Author’s age at the time: 47
Year published: December 1965
Publication: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Author’s title: Cugel the Clever
Other title(s): The Eyes of the Overworld
French title: Le monde supérieur
Series: The Dying Earth
Genre: short story, novelette, fantasy


Foreverness writes that the editor came up with the title “The Eyes of the Overworld” and that according to Vance that didn’t make sense, then it should have been “The Eyes of the Underworld”. (ref)

Became part of the novel The Eyes of the Overworld (which was later re-titled as Cugel the Clever).

Republished in Cugel the Clever, Spatterlight, 2012